Letting Fees

Letting Only: 8%* + vat
Letting, Rent Demand: 10%* + vat
Letting, Rent Demand, Management: 13%* + vat
Inventory - 1 bed: £138.00
Inventory - 2 bed:  £150.00
Inventory - 3 bed: £162.00
Inventory - 4 bed: £228.00
Inventory - 5 bed: £288.00
Inventory - 6 bed: £336.00
Energy Performance Certificates: £94.80
Gas Safety Certificate: £91.00
Electrical PAT Test: £150.00

* Sole Agency Rate (Multi Agency rates are higher)


Administration Fee (inc. Referencing): £180.00 per tenant/occupant
Guarantor Fee: £54.00 per tenant
Check Out Fee - 1 bed: £126.00
Check Out Fee - 2 bed: £138.00
Check Out Fee - 3 bed: £150.00
Check Out Fee - 4 bed: £216.00
Check Out Fee - 5 bed: £270.00
Check Out Fee - 6 bed: £324.00


On completion of a tenancy if a Standing Order still goes through when the tenant vacates from the property or cheques returned to the Managing Agent’s bank unpaid: £18.00 Admin Cost

Where the Landlord or his Agent has reasonable cause to send to the Tenant a letter concerning any Breach of the Tenancy (including rent arrears) the Tenant shall pay the fixed fee (but not by way of limitation of any other of the costs and charges hereinafter or hereinbefore reserved): £36.00 Admin Cost (per letter where applicable)
Where the Landlord or his Agent sends to the Tenant a valid Notice under Section 8 of the Housing Act (for any breach of the Tenancy) the Tenant shall pay: £54.00 Admin Cost
Where a cheque, Standing Order or Direct Debit is returned by the Tenant’s bank or by any bank on which a cheque is drawn on the Tenant’s behalf the Tenant shall pay: £25.00 Admin Cost plus £12.00 per item Bank Charge
Where the Tenant fails to comply with a reasonable period of no more than fourteen days with the above or correspondence or telephone calls resulting in a visit to the Tenant at his home or place of work by the Landlord or his Agent Tenant agrees to pay: £78.00 Fee (per hour)
Where Tenant requires a callout due to being locked out of their premises resulting from negligence by the Tenant, the Tenant will reimburse the Landlord or his Agent the reasonable cost of the callout being: £66.00 Fee plus replacement cost of key barrel & key (tbc)
All fees and charges are inclusive of VAT unless otherwise stated